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Mission Day Nuremberg

Welcome to our Community Website
for the Mission Day Nuremberg

Mission Day brings together Agents from both factions to explore cities around the world through the lens of Ingress with unique and local adventures on foot.

Agents, we want to discover Nuremberg on Sunday March 24, 2019. A day after the Darsana Anomaly we will provide you 24 new high quality missions to explore the city on foot together.

You need to complete 6 special missions in order to get a badge. Look at our missions below!


Time Place
09:00 - 14:00 Check-in
Registration of completed missions
12:00 Group Picture
all time Xplore Nuremberg
together through missions

Official registration


Mission Day (RSVP)

Niantic registration

Please check your mails from Niantic with the QR code which is needed for the check-in.
No check-in by mail accepted!


Operation Clear Field

separate registration


We have prepared a mission map for you:

On the map, you can find locations for the group photo and the check-in, as well as route suggestions for 6 missions (between group photo and check-in), 18 missions and 24 missions.
All missions are accessible 24/7, you do not need a ticket for the mission at the zoological garden.

Notes to the routes

You can find all our recommendations for Mission Day mission routes on the map.

The route takes you from the Imperial Castle (group photo) to St Elisabeth (check-in).
You should get the minimum requirement of 6 MD missions in less than an hour.

The route leads you through the inner city of Nuremberg, most of the time inside the city walls.
It is formed as a closed ring, so you can start anywhere on the route and go either direction. It passes the check-in and group photo locations, and also close to the main train station.
You can walk the whole route (8.5 km), or you can use public transport twice:

The route contains the 18 missions route from above, but also visits the 6 missions outside the inner city.
For the 6 missions outside the inner city, we recommend either public transport or bikes.


You can rent bikes at Noris-Bike (nextbike) stations marked on the map. We advise against cycling inside the inner city (18 missions route), as there are a lot of pedestrian areas.

Public transport:

Mission Map

Google Maps

Printable PDF

PDF with clickable checklist

JPG Page 1

JPG Page 2

Badge Overview

St Catherine's Convent

Nassau House

Toll Hall

New Museum

The Way of Human Rights

Opera House

Public Bath

Rosenau Park

St Elisabeth

Executioner's Bridge

Toy Museum

Beautiful Fountain

Fembo House

Inn Brewery Altstadthof

Imperial Castle

St Egidien

Tucher Castle Museum

Lauf Gate Tower

Industrial Heritage Museum

Regiomontanus Observatory

Haller Castle

Zoological Garden

Luitpold Grove

Norikus Bay


The MD community orga team recommends the following banners.

All banners are playable 24/7. These banners are just bonus delights, they do not count towards the Mission Day badge.

There are many more banners, which you can find on IngressMosaik.

Nürnberg Skyline

The banner guides you along all major sights in the inner city.

Historisches Nürnberg

Perfect for German tourists, as every mission contains information about the surrounding sights.

Nuremberg Watercolor

Add some colorful art to your scanner with this watercolor banner which leads you through the inner city.

Blue Cat Nuremberg

These is one of two banners represent the two factions. Both banners follow the same route, just in different directions.

Green Cat Nuremberg

These one of two banners represent the two factions. Both banners follow the same route, just in different directions.

Schöner Brunnen Nürnberg

For all you crazy mission addicts, this banner leads you to almost all the portals inside the city walls. Plan with at least 6 hours.

Public Transport

Would you like to drive through Nuremberg?
Here you can find all information about public transport!


TagesTicket (all Day or Weekend Ticket)

All day or weekend Ticket (solo or plus): With the TagesTicket, a single passenger or 1–6 people (max. 2 of them 18 years of age or older) can travel on the bus and train for one day or weekend.

In Nuremberg you need "Preisstufe A"

1 Person solo 8,30 €
2-6 People plus 12,30 €

Single and 4er Tickets

In Nuremberg you need "Preisstufe A"

Single Ticket 3,20 €
4er Ticket 11,00 €

For public transport / timetables use
Journey Planner


Do you travel by car and need to find a parking space?
Are you wondering how much this will cost you?


There are no environmental zones in Nuremberg. No "Feinstaubplakette" is required.

Environmental zones in Germany


Nuremberg has a large number of parking spaces.
Parking Map


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